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Library Schedule

Students come to the library as a class once a week with their homeroom teacher to return books, check out books, and participate in a library lesson. During open times in the library schedule, students can come individually to exchange books.


Thank you to those of you who helped in our Scholastic Book Fair! Your help was so important to the success of the book fair, and was greatly appreciated!
Thank you also to the wonderful volunteers who come every week to help shelve books! Your faithfulness in being here helps the students and me on those very busy days!

Books in a Series

Not sure which is the first book in a series, or how many there are in that series? Click on the link below and search by series or author to see the list!

Series Search

AR Quiz Book Search

The link below will allow you to search the title of a book and find its AR level. Please note that you will not be able to take an AR test from this site.

AR Book Find