Mrs. Carter

Fourth Grade
Math and Science
Conference Time: 8:35-9:20
Telephone: 936-709-2600

Teaching Partner:
Tiffany Moore
Special Education Teacher: EmilyWhelan

Ready to take on 4th grade!

Welcome to our class website! Here you will find helpful information
about our class, daily routine, and assignments. Check here
for important dates and information.

Here is a little about myself...

I grew up in the small town of Bastrop, Texas where I
graduated high school and attended Sam Houston State University
Education Program where I proudly earned my
Bachelor’s Degree in Education.
This will be my 6th year in a 4th grade classroom.

I am a creative, outgoing, lighthearted person who likes to be silly.
I had a surprise wedding for all of our friends and family just
over a year ago. I am a football fan and you can always
find me cheering for my favorite team the New England Patriots.
I have a dog named Brady that I rescued from the animal shelter
several years ago. Since childhood, teaching young children has
always been a dream of mine. Giving children the tools to
learn and the building blocks to succeed is the best
feeling one could receive, and I desire that feeling
each and every day.


Daily Schedule

Kids Go To Specials
Teacher's Conference
 Math (Homeroom)
Science (Homeroom)
 Math (Switch Class)
Math (Switch Class)
Science (Switch Class)
Pack Up and Dismissal

Math homework is give EVERY Monday
and due Friday!!
Homework: Students can use ANY strategy to
solve the problem. Some strategies may include drawing
pictures, making a T-Chart, drawing a table, etc.
They then have to justify or explain how they solved the
problem. Students should include details. For example,
I added 8 and 2 because Mrs. Carter had 8 cats and
then bought 2 more. I know I am adding because Mrs. Carter
is combining the cats she had with her new ones.
I added 8 and 2 because its 2 more than she had.

*** Study Multiplication Facts EVERY night! ***

What We Are Learning About in Class...
Math- Properties of Multiplication
(Partial Products & Distributive Property)
Science- Weather Patterns

Multiplication and Division Games:

Long Division (standard Algorithm):

Long Division (Partial Quotient):

Long Division with Area Model (Box Method):

Long Division (Arrays):

Partial Products (Multiplication):

Distributive Property (2 by 2 Multiplication):

Distributive Property:

Associative Property of Multiplication:

Multiplication with Area Model (Box Method):

Multiplication with Arrays & Base Ten Blocks:

Strip Diagrams

Adding and Subtracting using Expanded Form:

Comparing Fractions:

Equivalent Fractions:


Compare and Ordering Numbers

Place Value- Expanded Notation

Place Value- Interpret the value of each place value position
as 10 times the position to the right

Stem and Leaf Plot

Also, please study multiplication facts and subtraction with
regrouping with your kiddo.
Here is a link if you would like to make flashcards from home... 

Now for the fun... This is CRAZY how it works every time!!
Click on the link below


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